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i’m trying very hard to keep my personal website alive

I didn’t grow up at the age of the early internet. But I had a glimpse of it. I witnessed the baby steps of Facebook, and probably most of social media. I witnessed Windows XP with its raw glory. But, that’s the problem. That’s what I grew up with.

Which definitely means I’m reliant on a social media profile more than a personal website. But even if I just fail at trying to persist, I’m trying to persist at having my own personal space.

I wanted to have my own freedom in the WWW. Having a profile on Twitter or Instagram doesn’t count for me.

The weird thing for me is (for just me, probably) is that most modern websites look too clunky. I understand the premise of the web design though, utilizing the front-end to its last pixel. Lots of animations, CSS-JS excess* they put. All the custom layouts and whatnot. It’s not inherently bad, but I don’t think it fits for the website I want to make. Not that the older websites didn’t look less clunkier, but modern websites have become much of a trap. Ads and cookies and endless scrolling and all that.

But I want to strip away all of that. After all, isn’t it what this internet shit intended to be in the first place? (Check this out.) Prob say. Pretty much, I want you to turn your Reader more/Adblock off when you’re in my space. At least for now. (Future me please don’t be greedy.)


* This website has a bit of CSS. Just a bit. In order to keep this website organized. Probably adding some JS sometime in the future.

posted may 1, 2021