balcexyz (2)
presentability & digital vanity

If there is anything that has plagued me of my digital "existence" (which is just my digital footprint, per se) is the fact that most of what I do or think is not that much worthwhile to publicly disclose atmost. I do not argue that I should overshare every single aspect of my life, but I definitely should share more at the very least:

For instance, if there's any sort of idea that I have in mind that may not make any sense but could have any sort of cohesive connection in whatever that I do, I should post it. It's not like this website is made for any sort of response eitherway, but at least it helps me from holding myself back from shit that would "ruin my presentability".

The "Instagrammability" of ideas aren't really a thing. That's one thing I should keep in mind. Do shit like it's the 90s, I guess.

Oh and maybe I should do more stuff (lots of ambition that has been held back because I want to appear as "intelligent" as I could be).

posted feb 22, 2024