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everyone is pretentious about their music taste

Of all mediums. Music is the only medium with the most observable pretentiousness present with the average person. While it sure may be observable in different forms of art, it sounds like music probably takes the cake.

Everyone thinks they're listening to the best music ever in existence. Everyone is saying they're listening to "various" types of music when they all fall under a similar niche. You sure wouldn't scream at a Film Nerd if they brag about only watching films from A24, as suppose to say, someone who "listens to all kinds of music" and say their favorite is "indie".

Everyone is absorbed to their own.

When someone is obsessed with a medium of art (or just obsessed with something in general), it's usually just spread around their own circle of people who share similar fascination. You ask them questions, and you get answers back.. simple.

Unfortunately music is stormed all by the normies. Those who barely know anything about the elements of music. You know, Music Theory and such. And yet they all act like they listen to the best shit ever.

No. You don't.

I'm pretty much the same thing. I spit it out. I evangelize it. I go through the same shit, unfortunately, and I don't stand out from this ... "phenomenon". Call me a hypocrite, but, I guess I'm calling it a thing.

additional updates
I have been wanting to be more oriented in having some sort of website to update, instead of, you know, just being some rando social media user. While I have a lot of drafts for more serious long-form content, they just never made the cut. I need to at least keep my activity going for the meantime, so I guess this is how I do it.

posted jul 2, 2022