balcexyz (2)
february 2, 2023 demo (trial and error)

Hello. It's been a long time since I last did anything on this website. I haven't done anything in a long while, since I'm mostly looking forward to some important changes in life.

I decided to start tinkering with VCV Rack in my very pennily-borrowed time. If I ever gain the nerve to dedicate a big chunk of my time into this, I am more than glad to inform anyone as early as possible.

Just some simple elements here and there. I unfortunately haven't screen-capped the session live, I have it recorded as playback. It's down below, it's a very simple and hurried track. Hope you enjoy.

I haven't really done much to the whole track; creating this took as long as the track you're hearing now. No planning, no preparation, no no bullshit. (Yes, you read that right.) I don't really have any thoughts of this recording other than posting for the sake of it. I haven't done any posting in a while, so maybe this can kick me back.

post-post note
I hope I ever get motivated to do something actually substantial but they all get stuck as ideas. Unfortunately. Hopefully that "someday" I'm wishing on myself will be more than a "someday". For now, I'm stuck to trashy baby steps with no progress. That'll rid of itself in some time. Something I have to voluntarily act against.

posted feb 3, 2023